Our fully staffed ISO9001:2015 certified quality control department is equipped with CMM capabilities, comparators, gagging, surface plates and inspection tooling to ensure dimensional accuracy - and to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Commitment to Quality

It is the goal of every employee at Lamjen to meet or exceed our customers' requirements on every order. Our comprehensive quality assurance program, backed up by our ISO-9001:2015 certification enables us to compete successfully worldwide.

ISO-9001:2015 Certified

  • Controlled Documentation System
  • Procedures and Work Instructions
  • Corrective Action Program
  • Preventive Action Program
  • Customer Delivery Tracking System
  • Vendor/Subcontractor Quality Evaluation System
  • Regular Internal Auditing of The Quality System
  • Ongoing Training to Updated Procedures

Lamjen takes pride in its high standard of quality and recently completed the ISO-9001:2015 certifition. This certification allows Lamjen to be officially recognized on a worldwide scale for our ability to manufacture products with a consistently high level of quality. Lamjen believes that the customer's needs always come first, and that by maintaining an ISO-9001:2015 based quality system, we will continue to meet those needs.

Lamjen ships top quality products made to our customers specifications. It is our job to ensure that customer requirements and job specifications are understood and communicated to all employees. This is done through controlled documentation such as procedures and work instructions that detail our quality and manufacturing processes. These procedures and work instructions are periodically evaluated for effectiveness and updated as needed so that we can provide our customers with the high level of quality they have come to expect from Lamjen.

Lamjen maintains a successful quality assurance program by monitoring and documenting non-conformities of products as well as problems with the quality system itself. Corrective action reports are initiated to get to the root of a problem, enabling us to solve the problem and not just "cure the symptom". In pursuit of continuous quality improvement, a preventive action program has also been put into place preventing potential problems. 

Major Inspection Equipment

  • Bendix-Cordax 1810 CMM
  • S-T Industries Optical Comparator 30"
  • J&L 14" Optical Comparator (2)
  • Surface plate with 4'x 4' capacity
  • Brown & Sharpe Programmable CMM (NEW) Programmable from any customer supplied models
    Table size 40" X 56" X 28"
  • Faro Gauge fully portable CMM -  Inspection radius of 2' with +/- 0.0003 accuracy fully articulating arm allow inspection of parts in one setup


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