Machine Shop with Inventory Management Capabilities | Part Stocking & Warehousing

May. 10 2022

Machine Shop with Inventory Management Capabilities | Part Stocking & Warehousing

Choosing a CNC machine shop might seem like a shot in the dark, like the old days of turning to the right page of the phone book, then blindly selecting a business. Those days are gone, but the competition among CNC machine shops remains. So, where do you decide to contract? Sure, you look at a shop’s capabilities, services, and value add. You ensure the shop is certified, registered, and run by machining professionals. You ask about lead times and equipment. But there is a question that you’re not asking, and it could cost in the end. That question?

“Tell me about your inventory management.”

A business that has invested in streamlined, automated, detailed inventory management is a business that knows how to succeed. They know what they have available and to whom. They know where every tool and material is. They know how much stock their clients have, when they should order, and how much.

When you find a shop that invests in their management, part forecasting, backlog maintenance, and logistics – that’s how you know you’ve found the right shop.

A partnership with an organized, committed, communicative CNC shop like Lamjen will make all the difference in your contract machining experience.


Inventory management is the umbrella phrase for what a person might imagine happens in a warehouse: the organization, cataloging, and storage of materials and finished goods. Inventory management is the term for ordering, storing, shipping, and using a company’s inventory. This includes the management of a shop’s raw materials, client components and finished products, and storage and processing of those items.

Contractors at Lamjen benefit hugely from our machine shop with inventory management, with:

  • Increased information transparency
  • Lower costs
  • Improved delivery performance
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Accurate planning
  • Decreased stock-outs
  • Increased inventory turnover

Lamjen utilizes Infor Visual Software to facilitate our machine shop inventory management in collaboration with customer software systems such as Kanban Planning Tool, Ariba System, and Supply Chain Connect. This online connection allows Lamjen to stay in constant contact with companies, who can submit orders and requests at the touch of a key.


Lamjen’s investment in success goes beyond excellence in machining and maintaining an organized “back of house.” Providing warehousing options for customers to keep stock allows Lamjen to ensure that product levels are adequate and delivery will be on time.

Lamjen also provides Part Forecasting services to keep customers sufficiently stocked and ready for regularly scheduled shipments and if a quick or unexpected shipment becomes necessary. At the same time, Lamjen plans machining lead times to ensure inventory is restocked appropriately. As a result, customers can rest assured that their stock, the materials for their parts, and the schedule for their machining are up to date and demands for their components in the future are being managed.


All of the excellent CNC machining in the world is useless if a shop can’t get a product into customers’ hands quickly and safely. There are few aspects of machining more crucial than on-time delivery. Lamjen’s high-speed machining centers and skilled machinists enable our organized and efficient logistics team to package, dispatch, and verify the delivery of every component on time. Every project is tracked in its entirety, from design to processing, through quality control testing, to shipping with on-time delivery.


CNC machine shop inventory management isn’t about simply downloading software and connecting it to a client. A CNC machine shop that enters into a partnership with clients will pay as much attention to the needs of their customers as they do to the tolerances of their machines. Diligent attention to detail and industry knowledge set Lamjen apart.

Lamjen values long-term customer relationships and partnerships, with customer satisfaction always at the forefront of our business. Our long-standing business relationships with our customer base in industries such as transportation, mining, oil & gas, power generation, and defense have given us a high-level understanding of customers’ needs. Processes including machine shop inventory management, part forecasting, and backlog maintenance allow Lamjen to outperform the competition time and again. Contact Lamjen today and see how our machine shop with inventory management capabilities can benefit your business.


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