Manual & CNC Machining

CNC and Manual Milling, Drilling, and Turning

LAMJEN is a precision CNC machine shop that makes parts using the very latest technologies. Our extensive machining capabilities range from CNC milling, CNC turning with live tooling, turning, boring, facing, threading, grooving, trepanning, and tapping, as well as manual machining processes that meet fast-turnaround times and extremely tight tolerances. Our superior quality large-diameter turning center accommodates machined components up to 40” , and we offer manual milling for emergent single part or small-batch repairs.

At our Erie, PA machine shop we are equipped to handle both low production and high-volume production runs with accuracy and precision. LAMJEN’s extensive machining capabilities, prototyping capacity, years of experience, and state-of-the-art technology ensure your project is completed quickly and efficiently to the tightest of tolerances.

milling turning and drilling


large diameter turning

Large Diameter Turning





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milling turning and drilling

Quality Control

Contract Manufacturing Quality Control & Inspection

Our comprehensive quality assurance program adheres to ISO-9001:2015 certification standards to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. The raw materials and precision machined products we use are controlled by an in-house quality assurance department dedicated to monitoring the operations, inspecting the finished product, and keeping a verifiable record to ensure complete traceability for each product.

As a precision CNC machine shop, we not only provide high-quality machined components, but also thoroughly adhere to requirements and specifications at every stage of production. At LAMJEN, we focus on quality to build customer relationships and develop long-lasting partnerships.

quality control
quality control system

Quality Control System

quality assurance program

Quality Assurance Program

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quality control


Contract CNC Machining Partner

LAMJEN is proud to be a single-source manufacturing solutions provider with capabilities ranging from precision CNC machining and manual machining services, to metal fabrication, welding, assembly, packaging, and more. Additionally, by offering inventory management, backlog maintenance & part forecasting, and on-time shipping & delivery, we surpass other CNC machine shops capabilities and have become a truly one-stop manufacturing partner.

Our long standing business relationships with our customer base have given us a high-level understanding of customers’ needs and processes, allowing LAMJEN to consistently outperform the competition. We value enduring relationships and partnerships, always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business.


On-Time Delivery & Shipping

Meets Customer Specifications

Focused on your Satisfaction

Long-Term Relationship Focus

Rapid, Turnkey Service

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Value Added Services

Value Added Services for Complete Manufacturing Solutions

In addition to our precision machining capabilities, LAMJEN facilitates a variety of processes and services both in-house and through our sister companies within The Custom Group to manufacture components according to exact customer requirements. This array of secondary, value-added services for fully assembled machined components further bolsters our commitment to total customer satisfaction.

We facilitate services to fully assemble, package, and ship components for a complete turnkey solution. In addition to custom precision CNC machining services, our secondary services include deep hole drilling, gun drilling, oxy-fuel & plasma burning for large-scale metal fabrications, Blanchard & surface grinding, sand blasting, comprehensive welding, heat treating, painting & coating, product testing, assembly, and inventory management, control, and forecasting. Our fully equipped CNC machine shop uses the most up-to-date equipment and processes to provide customers with the most advanced machining solutions with the fastest turnaround.

secondary services
inventory management

Inventory Management



heat treating

Heat Treating

product test assembly

Product Testing Assembly

oxy fuel and plasma burning

Oxy-Fuel & Plasma Burning



painting and coating

Painting / Coating

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secondary services

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