Large Part CNC Turning Erie, PA

Feb. 22 2022

Large Part CNC Turning Erie, PA

For large part CNC (computer numerical control) turning in Erie, Pennsylvania, LAMJEN has the experience and technology to realize your project fully. Among our shop services, we offer CNC lathing for large diameter turning for various applications. Whether you require large or small production runs of prototypes, small size, single part, or large complex part fabrications, LAMJEN has the CNC lathes to get the job done. 

Large, heavy-duty turning lathes are machine tools made of higher-quality materials compared to conventional lathes. Our specialized large part lathes incorporate the most advanced CNC technology, significantly increasing worker safety and reducing human error. 

LAMJEN’s large-part lathes have a wide range of processing capabilities due to their CNC software, extra long work envelope, fully programmable servo tailstock, and x-axis travel range up to 40 inches. These specifications mean that our lathes have:

  • State-of-the-art control and drive technology
  • Straight-forward operating and programming
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Durability

CNC Capabilities

At LAMJEN, we value the integrity of your project. By using Computer Numerical Control, qualified machinists and engineers verify that your products are of excellent quality and that your results are reproducible and scalable. 

The material being processed on our large-scale turning machine tools is controlled completely by CNC software, meaning that your project’s movements are being dictated entirely by the specifications entered into the lathe’s computer program. 

The CNC lathe’s functions can control a range of detailed commands and transform complex 3D cutting tasks into easily programmable steps. 

Lathe automation allows many steps to be carried out sequentially, removing the need for interruption to the manufacturing process. Your product is never removed from the lathe tool, ensuring the accuracy of every cut.  

The Benefits of a Large Part CNC Lathe

The efficiency of large-part CNC machining tools like LAMJEN’s heavy-duty CNC lathes seems obvious – put in your material, program the CNC with your specs, and out pops your completed product. However, the full benefits of our CNC lathes far exceed the initial attractions of control and ease. 

In fact, there are many significant benefits to sourcing a CNC lathe for large-scale production. These include:

  • Computer precision and elimination of human error – fewer mistakes and less wasted material
  • Increased manufacturing speed without removal of product between cutting procedures
  • Less machinist intervention, improved safety, and diversification of skills for machinists
  • Identical quality and specs on manufactured products due to every cut and movement being dictated by code

While CNC lathes may create the same products as manual machines, they can do so faster and more efficiently. Because of this production speed, our CNC lathes are versatile and have uses in many different industries. 

Production Requiring CNC Lathe Turning

LAMJENS CNC lathe is the go-to for large diameter and heavy work

Our lathes support production for industries such as:

  • Power generation
  • Shipbuilding and marine engineering
  • Transportation 
  • Military Applications
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks

All of the elements of LAMJEN’s turning lathes are more robust than a typical manual lathe. From tailstock to lead screw, each part is purpose-made to accurately and reliably fabricate any heavy-duty finished component. 

LAMJEN’s Large-Scale Turning Equipment

Our lathes are high-precision, high-efficiency automated machining tools. The technical specifications of these tools speak for themselves:

“The Okuma V100R vertical lathe increases productivity by providing stable machining of thin and odd-shaped workpieces. The box-type base and column make a highly dependable, highly rigid structure and the headstock with flange construction minimizes the effects of thermal deformation and vibration, which ensures stable, accurate cutting. The base is designed for smooth chip flow, and the optional chip conveyor can be placed for side or rear disposal to meet shop requirements. The ergonomic design includes easy access to the chuck and a front-skirt operation panel convenient for up-close jobs in addition to the swiveling pendant operation panel.” –

“The HAAS ST-40L is a large-frame, long-bed lathe with a generous work envelope. This machine offers the best performance for the money – the best value – in its class. Various designs of heavy-duty CNC lathes involve their center height, bed width, maximum swing, spindle type, travel time, etc.”  –

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We are ready to help you with any large-part lathe project. LAMJEN’s heavy-duty CNC lathes improve accuracy, cut lead times, and ensure reproducibility. Contact LAMJEN today and discover how our lathes can benefit your manufacturing process!


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