Our New MB-80V CAT50 Big Plus Bridge Mill by Okuma

Aug. 22 2022

Our New MB-80V CAT50 Big Plus Bridge Mill by Okuma

Utilize our MB-80V CAT50 Big Plus Bridge Mill for Your Next Custom Precision Machined Part

A Machining Shop in Erie, PA that is Always Enhancing Capabilities

LAMJEN is a machining shop that believes our contract machining customers receive the best custom machined parts when we have the best equipment available in-house to produce them. With this philosophy, our team invests heavily in both equipment maintenance and purchasing new CNC machines to expand our capabilities. A recent example is our investment in the purchase of a new MB-80V CAT50 Big Plus bridge mill from Okuma. This bridge mill offers multiple axes and the ability to machine large parts and components for applications including semiconductors, automobile mold, and more.

Take Advantage of our new MB-80V CAT50 Big Plus Bridge Mill by Okuma

With our newly acquired MB-80V CAT50 Big Plus bridge mill from Okuma, LAMJEN has become an even more capable machining shop to choose for your next custom precision machined part. With its 5 axes, our new bridge mill offers precision machining capabilities and the ability to work with large parts despite its small footprint thanks to its efficient design. To evidence its ability to machine larger parts, the MB-80V CAT50 Big Plus can handle a maximum machining volume of 62.99” x 41,34” x 23.62”. Even when working with large parts and durable materials, this bridge mill works rapidly while still delivering reliable accuracy to meet your specifications.

Choose LAMJEN for Your Next Custom Precision Machined Part

Thanks in part to our recently expanded suite of CNC machines, LAMJEN continues to be the ideal choice for your next custom precision machined part in Erie, PA. We have the advanced equipment needed to offer CNC machining, manual milling, and turning, including large diameter turning. We offer competitive lead times and pricing and can machine parts with extremely tight tolerances.

Now, with our new OKUMA MB-80V CAT50 Big Plus bridge mill, we can take on additional contract machining jobs working with larger parts for the semiconductor industry, automotive industry, and beyond. If you need a custom machined part, then contact our team today to learn more about how our machines, team, and value-added service capabilities can get the job done.

Maintaining an ISO 9001:2015 Certification and Regulatory Compliance

Our reputation speaks for itself, but we understand the importance of proving our adherence to a stringent quality assurance program. That is why we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified machining shop. LAMJEN is also dedicated to ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining an ITAR registration. With our quality assurance program and regulatory compliance in place, you can safely contract with LAMJEN to gain access to our MB-80V CAT50 Big Plus machining capabilities and more.

The Flexibility Needed to Accept Custom Machining Jobs

At LAMJEN, when you contract with us for a custom precision machined part, you are selecting a machining shop with not only the specialized CNC and manual machines a precision job can require, but also a workforce with decades of combined experience in meeting the demands of our customers. With over fifty years in business, we are a shop that has always sought to take advantage of the CNC machining industry’s innovative product advancements while never losing sight of the importance of an experienced human touch throughout the machining process. This human component can be seen by the machining experts who operate our new Okuma MB-80V CAT50 Big Plus bridge mill as well as in our willingness to offer custom value-added machining services to serve as even more than your trusted machining shop.

Whether your next custom machined part requires our new Okuma bridge mill or one of our tried-and-true CNC or manual machines, you can comfortably choose LAMJEN for the job! Our team looks forward to offering you a quote soon.

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