CNC Machine Shop QMS (Quality Management System)

Sep. 27 2022

CNC Machine Shop QMS (Quality Management System)

A CNC Shop QMS (Quality Management System) Ensures Production Quality

Even the most advanced and modern CNC machines require experienced human oversite to ensure the quality of their output precisely meets drawings presented by contract customers. At LAMJEN, we maintain and continue to improve a robust CNC Shop QMS (Quality Management System) that meets ISO 9001:2015 specifications. The quality control efforts at our Erie, PA facility go beyond process and include a suite of modern testing tools, including CMMs, designed to guarantee precision, which we will begin to outline below. As you read on, you can learn more about the QMS, tools, skilled technicians, and experience our team boasts. You will also learn how we maintain and continue to improve our processes to ensure precision production of the machined parts and products you contract with LAMJEN to produce.

LAMJEN’s Quality Assurance is Backed by Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification

We are always seeking to exceed even the highest quality standards, but you can contract with LAMJEN for your next CNC job knowing our QMS is certified as meeting ISO 9001:2015 specifications. We utilize tools and methods that exceed ISO’s standards for certain jobs, but at a minimum, our QMS meets the most recognized standards for quality assurance in the industry. These standards are met by our in-house quality assurance team, whose skillset we will further detail below. The ISO 9001:2015 system emphasizes continuous self-evaluation within an organization, and we seek to self-assess and improve on a frequent basis to further improve our already reliable machining work.

The Right CMM Tools and Equipment Needed to Test Machining Quality and Precision

Although the precision CNC machines at our Erie, PA facility were designed with accuracy in mind, we maintain tools and processes to ensure that this precision meets your precise dimensional specs each time we complete a job. An example of this equipment includes our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) capabilities, which allow for high-precision digital measurements of machine parts. These CMM quality assurance capabilities include a Faro Gauge arm that is designed to complete 3D measurements on smaller parts with tight windows for precision. LAMJEN offers more than the usual CNC machine shop QMS (Quality Management System) by utilizing in-house surface plates and inspection tooling equipment to make sure our work conforms to your drawings.

A Certified and Tested CNC Machining Shop QMS with over 5 Decades in Business

Throughout our 50 years in business, the Erie, PA based LAMJEN team has always focused on meeting contract machining customer demands, and we do this in part by continually improving our quality assurance system. By developing an elite CNC machine shop QMS (Quality Management System), LAMJEN can honor our quality guarantees for each contract. We continue to invest heavily in advanced testing equipment, which aids in our ability to offer prompt turnaround times while also ensuring quality. Our team understands the importance of speed, and we work hard to make our processes more efficient so customers like you get the machined parts they need on time.

LAMJEN Employs a Devoted Quality Assurance Department

Even the most effective tools CNC and testing tools would have a limited benefit without the right technicians handling them. At LAMJEN, we have formed a dedicated quality assurance department, where team members focus exclusively on testing to ensure machined products and components meet the drawings provided for each contract job we take on. Having a dedicated team means there is not only an organized testing system in place but also continuity in how it is maintained and developed. Just as it is important for our machinists to gain experience in operating our advanced CNC machines, we believe that it is just as crucial for our internal team to gain experience with our Erie, PA based CNC machine shop QMS. If your next CNC machining job requires exceptional quality, then contact LAMJEN today to obtain a quote.

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