LAMJEN has the Equipment Needed to Serve as Your Tight Tolerance Machine Shop

Nov. 18 2022

LAMJEN has the Equipment Needed to Serve as Your Tight Tolerance Machine Shop

LAMJEN has the Equipment Needed to Serve as Your Tight Tolerance Machine Shop

With five decades of experience in business and a suite of over a dozen advanced CNC machines and manual lathes, LAMJEN has the equipment needed to serve as your tight tolerance machine shop. We also have knowledgeable staff on site and an exacting quality management system (QMS) to help ensure that the quality of our machined parts meets our standards and your drawings’ requirements for precision. We invite you to read on and learn more about our in-house machines, decades of experience in business, and QMS. We want to have the opportunity to handle your next tight tolerance machining job and welcome you to contact us so we can review your drawings and offer a competitively priced quote with an equally competitive lead time.

Over a Dozen Advanced CNC Machines Offer Endless Possibilities

Based in Erie, PA, our talented team has access to innovative CNC equipment that is designed for tight tolerance machining work including five vertical and horizontal machining centers, which can handle milling, tapping, drilling, boring, and reeming. These three-axis machines provide us with a work envelope of a 64” travel range on the X-axis, 41.33” on the Y-axis, and 30” on the Z-axis. We also maintain 4 CNC turning centers, with a wide X and Z axis travel range. With equipment from top CNC machine manufacturers like Haas and Okuma, you can trust that the quality of our technology is on par with the quality of our workforce and adequate to meet the tolerances outline in your drawings.

Machining Within Tight Tolerances Since 1968

When you contract with LAMJEN as your tight tolerance machining shop, you are choosing to work with a business with operations stretching back five decades. This combination of thorough machining experience coupled with our expansive and continually expanding suite of advanced CNC machines makes us the ideal choice for tight tolerance jobs. Not every machining shop in Erie, PA has the multi-axis machines needed to meet the exacting tolerance demands of some drawings, but LAMJEN is ready to take on and complete this work while offering short lead times. Additionally, given our over 50 years in business, we understand that there are times when traditional manual machines are still needed to get particular jobs done and we maintain 3 manual lathes to offer an even more expansive suite of equipment than you might expect from a tight tolerance machine shop.

Tight Machining Tolerances Maintained on Low and High-Volume Jobs

Machining within tight tolerances is not only something we offer on prototype and low-volume jobs, but we also handle high-volume work. We can do this successfully thanks to our equipment and team that maintains a thorough QMS, which we will outline below. Whether you need a prototype part machined, a low-volume run, or a high-volume precision machining job, you can contract with LAMJEN to complete the work promptly, precisely, and always at a competitive price. 

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Machining Shop with an ITAR Registered Sister Company 

We do not only rely on our CNC machines to guarantee the quality of our team’s work, but we also ensure your machined parts are completed precisely as your drawings call for with our ISO 9001:2015 certified QMS. Having great machines is important, but we view it is equally important to have a skilled team on-site who are trained in testing and measuring our machined parts to guarantee quality before delivery or pickup takes place. 

Additionally, if you need a Defense-related job completed that requires an ITAR registered manufacturer, our sister company, Customer Engineering, maintains ITAR compliance and can take on jobs in tandem with or separate from LAMJEN that are completed within the scope of this important regulation.

If you would like to learn more about our machining capabilities, QMS, and the ability of Custom Group Industries companies to manufacture and machine while adhering to regulatory compliance. we invite you to contact our tight tolerance machine shop for a conversation and quote today!


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