CNC Machine Shop with Fabrication Capabilities

Jul. 25 2022

CNC Machine Shop with Fabrication Capabilities

Casting. Cutting. Drawing. Folding. Forging. Extrusions. Machining. Punching. Shearing. Stamping. Welding.

What does it mean to have all of these processes available from one machining team?

A one-stop CNC fabricating machine shop means time and money saved. LAMJEN, a member of The Custom Group, brings experience and machinery together under one roof. With expert prototyping, fabrication, and assembly, our centralized services provide a fast turnaround for even the most complicated projects. 

The CNC machining and fabrication industries enjoy a projected market value of 128.41 billion USD by 2028. LAMJEN is proud to have partnerships that keep us on the cutting edge of our booming field. Our unique relationship with our sister companies within the Custom Group means that every aspect of a given project is completed with absolute care and to the highest industry standards.

CNC Fabrication and Machining: Better Together

All machine shops are not created equal. LAMJEN’s flexibility and membership in the Custom Group mean we can offer a unique, complete range of state-of-the-art fabrication, machining, tooling, and finishing services. Our metal fabrication capabilities are second to none, and when combined with expert machining, we ensure that components are fabricated and finished with precision.

Fabrication Services at LAMJEN

Some shops are fully outfitted for machining and basic fabrication. LAMJEN, however, meets the industry’s growing demand for high-caliber machine shops that have comprehensive fabrication capabilities. 

At LAMJEN, we offer a full suite of metal fabrication services, including cutting, bending, and assembling sheet or raw metals. Our experts have extensive experience with many materials including stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium, and bronze; we are here to advise and execute at every step of the fabrication process.

From prototypes to the first sheet cut, assembly to shipping, LAMJEN proudly takes projects from conception to completion with our trademark excellence and value.

Fabrication Spotlight:

Welding | The Custom Group

Through the Custom Group, we have access to burn tables, fit-up structures, certified welders, and robotic welders. We are  ISO-9001:2015 certified, and have AWS, ASME, NADCAP, and TPG certified welders. To aid in fabrication, we provide all forms of welding, including Tungsten Inert Gas (Tig), GMAW (Mig), FCAW (Flux Core), SAW (Sub Arc Welding), Welding overlays – Corrosion-resistant welding (Inconel).

CNC Machining for Fabricated Components at LAMJEN

Machining is the loose name for the process of taking fabricated material (often metal) and “reducing” it to a desired final shape and size. This machining is carried out by any number of material-removal processes, such as turning, milling, boring, grinding, threading, etc. Being a CNC machine shop with fabrication capabilities makes us particularly unique, as we carry out every step of the machining process in-house.

LAMJEN’s fully equipped CNC fabricating machine shop is complete with state-of-the-art machine tools, such as: 

Our high-speed machining centers offer automated machining services with fast quotes and short lead times. As a full-service CNC machine center, we are experienced in working with various ferrous and non-ferrous materials including alloy, aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon, copper, inconel, monel, nitronic, stainless, and titanium.

LAMJEN offers tight diameter control through Computerized Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining services like precision facing, turning, boring, threading, drilling, grooving, trepanning, and milling. Live Tool capacity adds the ability to perform mill-type operations without the need for additional setups/handling.

We offer both CNC turning and manual turning for small batch or single part jobs when needed up to 40″.

Our milling equipment can be easily configured to manufacture intensely complex parts while adhering to tight tolerances. We also offer manual milling to accommodate emergent single part or small-batch repairs and prototypes.

Machining Spotlight: Grinding 

For removing large volumes of material, our Blanchard rotary grinders provide excellent flatness and parallelism with a professional finish. Additionally,  our Supertec horizontal surface grinder provides precision flatness and accommodates parts as large as 80 inches in width, 118 inches in length, and 18 inches in height.

Value-Added Services: Finishing, Assembly, Kit-making

With careful finishing, assembly, and state-of-the-art inspection, Lamjen delivers a final product that is performance-ready. Our end-of-line services include:

Our quality control department is equipped with CMM capabilities, Faro Gauge, comparator, and surface plates. Lamjen’s comprehensive quality assurance program adheres to ISO-9001:2015 certification standards

LAMJEN offers full product assembly, testing, and shipping, complete with detailed instructions and documentation for reassembly. As a result, we are able to deliver complete, ready-to-use products or comprehensive kits. 

CNC Fabrication and Machining: LAMJEN and The Custom Group

As a world-class machine shop that produces specialty machined components, LAMJEN proudly provides innovative, cost-effective CNC fabrication and machining solutions. Together with our sister companies in The Custom Group (Venango and Custom Engineering), we serve a diverse, growing client base across various industries that require fabrication and machining. No matter what the product or its application, LAMJEN caters to the exact needs of our clientele with attentive expertise. Contact us today to see what our CNC machine shop with fabrication capabilities can do for you!


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