Custom Group Industries

Custom Engineering is an ISO 9001:2015 and ASME certified medium-to-heavy fabrication and machining operation that specializes in the manufacturing of specialty platens for hydraulic presses and other products from turbine bases weighing over 25 tons to oil pans large enough to fit 200-ton locomotives. Custom Engineering has built a national reputation for its many one-of-kind, first generation products used in the oil, gas, aerospace, military, transportation and chemical fields. The Erie, Pennsylvania-based company, located at 2800 McClelland Avenue and founded in 1954, is best recognized as one of the world's largest suppliers of heating platens – or specialty heating plates- for hydraulic presses. 

 Venango Machine Company is the world's largest and oldest exclusive platen manufacturer for hydraulic presses. Since 1954, Venango Machine Company has developed leading-edge technology that has set the stage for critical advancements in the rubber, laminating, leisure products, plastics, plywood and particleboard industries. Situated in modern plant facilities in the Venango Township community of Wattsburg in southern Erie County, Venango Machine Company has made a name for itself among customers worldwide, which include an impressive list of press manufacturers and manufacturing firms that use presses.